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The Foundry

The foundry was formed in 1979 by the 4 Wegner brothers, Mike, Paul, Steven and Stewart. It was created to cast the work for Paul Wegner, a successful sculptor who was having difficulties getting his work cast locally. Since it's creation over 37 years ago, the foundry has developed into one of the finest small casting foundries in the country, casting thousands of works of art and providing a workplace for hundreds of sculptors.

From it's earliest years of operation, and a staff of over 20, to today's shop of only a handful of highly skilled craftsmen, Wegner Metal Arts continues it's tradition of offering only the highest quality bronze castings to the sculpting public.

Wegner Metal Arts is proud to offer their services in an open and friendly environment. Whether you are a professional sculptor or a person who is casting their first piece, they will do their best to make sure that you casting experience is fun and rewarding. They have a professional and clean shop, and offer a one-to-one working relationship that is second to none. Their 40 years of experience is your guarantee that your sculpture will turn out better than anticipated.

They invite anyone with a desire to get their work cast, to come by and visit the foundry. You will see for yourself why so many sculptors have chosen Wegner Metal Arts to do their casting work for them.

Fulfill your desire to create something unique and inspiring. Bring your piece to the foundry, let them cast it for you, then just come and pick up your finished piece. It's that easy at Wegner Metal Arts.

Wegner Metal Arts Foundry & Gallery

Wegner Metal Arts Foundry & Gallery

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