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S./S. Wegner

Stewart and Steven Wegner are twin brothers who, for over 60 years, have shared a common thread of life and art. Together, they have been creating art for more than 40 years. The combination of talent and unity which these two brothers share provides a unique catalyst in their ability to create some of the finest Wildlife art that can be found anywhere in the country.

Capitalizing on their strengths-one brother who is very precise and the other who is more loose and free - they are able to combine their talents to mold work which captures the true, untamed side of nature, while bringing harmony, peace and tranquility into our lives at the same time (the way only art can do).

Wildlife art can affect the human spirit. It can inspire. It can hold a persons breath and can bring imagination into our sometimes otherwise mundane and overworked lives. Whether through their bronze sculptures or their works on canvas, Stewart and Steven have created pieces that will inspire, and perhaps motivate collectors for many years to come.

The Wegners work allows us to stop and pause for a moment. Their work can make us laugh, or it can inspire us to think of a time or place in nature. Whatever emotion is evoked, the Wegners work allows us all the opportunity to hold on to that feeling for a longer period of time than nature would otherwise allow. Perhaps the gift of giving us a moment to pause and reflect on the fragile side of nature is the part of the essence and inspiration that are captured in each and every piece.

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